Coastal Skipper

An advanced course covering coastal navigation, weather, passage planning, and seamanship relevant to those wishing to undertake coastal voyages.

Aim: To gain a thorough grounding in the principles and practice of coastal navigation and an understanding of the causes and effects of coastal weather.
Duration: 55 Hours.
Learning Options: Tutorials or Correspondence (See details below). Modules may be taken in any order but the sequence below is recommended.
Qualification: NZ Coastal Skipper Certificate.
Prerequisites:Age 16 or over; Boatmaster; VHF Radio Operators Cert; 200 hours proven sea-time.*


1. Coastal Navigation

  • The nautical chart
  • Courses & bearings
  • Magnetism & the magnetic compass
  • Fixing position
  • Tides & tidal streams
  • Allowance for set & drift
  • Marine radar
  • GPS

2. Coastal Weather

  • Marine forecasts & weather maps
  • Air masses, fronts & pressure systems
  • Clouds & fog
  • Terrain effects on weather
  • Sea, waves, & Swell.
  • Passage of systems over New Zealand

3. Passage Planning Assignment and Oral Assessment

3.1 Undertaken as an individual assignment:

  • Passage Planning

3.2 Tested or discussed at an oral assessment:

  • Collision regulations
  • Equipment & instruments
  • Ship-handling & stability
  • Emergencies and distress signals
  • Master's responsibilities and obligations

*Prerequisites apply only to those wishing to obtain the qualification. Courses and examinations may be taken at any time, but the certificate can only be awarded when all prerequisites are met.



Please call Peter Marshall on 0800 212628 for the next intake date and course costs, alternatively you can email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.