Lesson 1 - Safety

 Fitting your lifejacket (compulsory on our training yacht)

 Once you have a lifejacket that is the correct size, it is vital that you fit it correctly. Make sure all 
 straps are firmly adjusted. Fitting your lifejacket correctly is the difference between struggling to
 keep your head above water and a relaxed float. Details Guide (from RNLI)


Emergencies: MOB (man overboard)

Before setting off students are given a quick MOB drill, then this in re-enforced as tutition continues with full MOB drills under sail & power. A real MOB is probably caused by an event or series of events typically:

  • Un-controlled Gybe or Tack Boom or sail strikes person
  • Un-Expected sea state / wake causing vessel to list
  • Trip hazards / ropes on deck / cockpit
  • Slippery Surface
  • Poor weather conditions & sea state
  • Collision with reef / seabed / another vessel
  • Equpment failier (mainsheet departs from boom etc)
  • Crew not paying attention or sitting / standing in wrong places / not holding on.
  • Vessel going too fast / bumpy (typicaly on RIBS or speedboat)

Remember the basics:

  • Shout: Person who sees MOB shouts 'man over board!' and points to them. NEVER take your eyes off the MOB unless to secure your own safety
  • Stop (Power) Shift in to neutral & swing stern from person
  • Consious or not? if person is unconsious and life jacket is not inflated then the situation is critical this is discussed on the course and a full artical for revision is here
  • Flotation and markers - Throw the Dan Buoy overboard and a life ring
  • Approach the victim in an upwind direction and pick up.