Lesson 2 - Using the engine.


Buk2 20
Good Point has a BUKH 20HP diesel marine engine fitted.

When an engine is preferred over sailing:

The engine is used only on a yacht when sailing will not achieve the course or maneuver required efficiently, here are some example situations where you may decide the engine is the better option.
  • Berthing the yacht
  • Picking up a mooring
  • MOB
  • Heading to wind
  • Changing / hoisting sails
  • Negotiating restricted channel
  • Approaching a port entrance
  • Single handed yacht operation
  • Short trips
  • No wind!!
  • Strong tides
  • When reefing (as an aid to keep in to the wind)
  • Charging batteries / keep fridge cool
  • Towing another vessel

Important considerations when using an engine

  • Check coolant is flowing through the engine
  • Record fuel level and engine hours in your log
  • Regular use increased reliability (charges batteries, circulates oil, stops impellers seizing)
  • Any loose deck ropes will get sucked in to the prop seizing the gearbox
  • Work out your prop-wash directions
  • Perform tight circles in each direction under power to work out your turning distance
  • Replace or use up old fuel - see diesel bug

Engine maintenance - the facts

  • Replace or use up old fuel every 12 months - see diesel bug
  • Inspect INSIDE your fuel tanks, often they will have sediment in them that block your fuel system
  • Look for condensation in your fuel tank, it common and water mixes with the fuel
  • Look for evidence of water ingress or excessive condensation at the water trap
  • Keep the tank full, Less air = less condensation
  • Replace anodes inside the engine regularly
  • Check for water in the oil (oil turns grey or water is visible on dip stick (may come beck through exhaust)
  • If engine does not start TURN OFF THE WATER. Engine may back flood
  • Keep spares, fan belts, impeller, gaskets, oil
  • Make sure oil and temp alarms work
  • If you run out of fuel then you may have to 'bleed' the air out the engine in order to re-start it

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